Every game has close calls.  Calls that either the home crowd or the visiting crowd does not agree with.  In some instances these “questionable calls” can change the outcome or just the flow of the game.

I recently covered the South Albany Rebels at Central Panthers football game.  It was standing room only.  And of course, there were several calls that the officials made that the fans did not agree with.  One call centered around a Central touchdown.  Central was leading South Albany in the third quarter 21-14.  The Panthers were on offense and were moving the ball well.  Nearing the six-minute mark  in the third, Central went to the air.  The pass was caught near the corner of the endzone and the officials declared it a touchdown.

Now, I was very close to the play and it was a very tough call for the officials to make.  The South Albany fans, as expected, did not agree with the call.  There was plenty of discussion happening on the Rebels’ sideline.

Well, I have the photo sequence of the touchdown and I am going to share them with you so that you, can make the call.

south-albany-at-central-9-23-16   south-albany-at-central-9-23-16-2   south-albany-at-central-9-23-16-3