A few weeks ago I was covering a football game that had an SRO crowd.  That’s Standing Room Only for those unfamiliar with the acronym.  Well, I can usually be found on the visiting team’s side.  The reason is that I usually have more room to maneuver on this side of the field when a wall of players is coming my way at full speed.  Sometimes I have to quickly dance out of the way, ok, I can’t dance but you understand.  So, throughout the game one of the visiting fans was on autorepeat  yelling, “watch for trickery!”.

“Watch for trickery”?

I wondered to myself who was this player named Trickery?  He must be pretty good for this fan to constantly be warning his team to be on the look out for him.  I checked the jerseys for this name and I also checked the roster and, nope, no player with that name to be found.

Ok, I will admit, I knew what this fan meant.  But, it was a term I have not heard in many years and it made me chuckle as I hope it did you as well.