Taft High School will be holding not one but two jamborees on Friday August 26, 2022.

There will be a volleyball jamboree including Taft, Waldport, Newport, and Toledo teams. Games start at 5:30pm

The gym will be open at 5:00 pm in order to allow teams to get warmed up prior to their first match. After the initial warm up, games will begin on schedule. If a game goes longer than 30 minutes there will be a three minute break until the next game begins.

Each match-up will consist of one set to 25 points. Rally Scoring will be used.

There will also be a football jamboree taking place at the same time. Teams that will be participating are: Taft, Toledo, Newport, and Waldport.

In a jamboree, each team is allowed 36 offensive snaps from the line of scrimmage. Any kicking play (e.g. punt, extra point, field goal) counts as an offensive snap.