September 7, 2018 Siletz, OR – The Siletz Valley Warriors hosted and defeated the Perrydale Pirates 36-22.

I was looking forward to covering this game between the Warriors and Pirates.  I had heard good things about Siletz Valley and know that Perrydale always has potential for a great team.

In the 2014 season these teams met in Perrydale and the Pirates easily defeated the Warriors 58-12.  This was also the year the Pirates made it to the 1A semifinal game against Dufur.  Unfortunately, Perrydale lost this game 42-38.

The Warriors have struggled and though they play tough they are an average team.  They did make the 1960 Class B championship game against St. Mary’s but lost 13-0.

Now, let’s talk about this game.

Both teams chose to concentrate on their running games with a light mixture of passing.  The first quarter was exciting and it appeared a great game was about to take place.  At the end of the first quarter it was tied at six.

The second quarter was a little different.  The Warriors, with a combination of a strong offense and a soft Perrydale defense, added another fourteen points to their score.  The Pirates went into the lockeroom down 20-6.

The second half is where you find out what kind of team you have.  Perrydale stepped up their offense and with 9:58 left in the third quarter closed the gap by adding another eight to the board.  The Warriors had the lead 20-14.  This is how the third quarter ended.

Siletz Valley and Perrydale defenses played better in the fourth and it wouldn’t be until the 5:08 mark that the Warriors scored and increased their lead 28-14.

A couple of plays later the Pirates scored.  With 4:40 left in the game the score was now 28-22 with Siletz on top.

If you have ever witnessed a 1A 8-man game, you know there are many onside kicks.  Well, the ensuing kickoff by Perrydale was picked up on the run by Siletz Valley and taken into the endzone.  The amount of time taken to score, twelve seconds.  With 4:28 left in the game the Warriors were up 36-22.  The Pirates made a great effort but fell short giving Siletz Valley the home and first season win.

Even though the game was exciting, the play on both sides of the ball was average.  This next week practice for both the Warriors and Pirates should have an emphasis on tackling skills.  Also, there were several miscues between the centers and quarterbacks in passing situations.

Up next for Siletz Valley is an away game against Mohawk.  Game time is 7pm.

Perrydale faces St. Paul at home.  Game time is 7pm.

Photos by Craig Lash | STSN

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