Oct. 29, 2016 Salem, OR – The Chemeketa Storm is at the top of the Northwest Athletic conference (NWAC) South Conference as well as one of the top NWAC teams with a 9-3-2 overall record.  Facing the visiting 5-8-1 Rogue Ospreys it was almost a foregone conclusion they would defeat the Rogue.  Of course, the game still has to be played and this one was played at Blanchet Catholic School.

As expected, the quickness and precision of the Storm were too much for the Ospreys and Chemeketa picked up the 8-1 win.

The Storm will play host to a second-round playoff match Saturday November 5th at 6:00pm.  The game will be played at Willamette University.  The Storm will face the winner of the North Idaho and Pierce match up.

The winner of Saturday’s match will move on to the NWAC Men’s Soccer Final Four Championships, which will be held November 11th through the 13th at Starfire Sports Complex in Seattle, Washington.

Mendoza, Gustavo (Chemeketa) at 4 min
Vasquez, Jesse (Chemeketa) at 17 min
Miranda, Julio (Chemeketa) at 29 min
Navarro, Alfredo (Chemeketa) at 37 min
Miranda, Julio (Chemeketa) at 56 min
Garibay, Eric (Chemeketa) at 60 min
Perez, Marco (Rogue) at 63 min
Salazar, Alvin (Chemeketa) at 75 min
Salazar, Alvin (Chemeketa) at 87 min

Miranda, Julio (Chemeketa) at 4 min
Garibay, Eric (Chemeketa) at 17 min
Garibay, Eric (Chemeketa) at 29 min
Armenta, Luis (Chemeketa) at 37 min
Garibay, Eric (Chemeketa) at 56 min
Tovar, Sebastian (Rogue) at 63 min
Juarez, Mauricio (Chemeketa) at 75 min

Monrroy, Leonardo (Chemeketa) Saves: 1
Garcia, Rolando (Chemeketa) Saves: 1
Cuevas, Jack (Chemeketa) Saves: 4
Saldana, Derian (Rogue) Saves: 5
Estrada, Beto (Rogue) Saves: 10

Goals Allowed:
Cuevas, Jack (Chemeketa) Goals Allowed: 1
Estrada, Beto (Rogue) Goals Allowed: 8

Yellow Cards:
Ramon Medrano (Chemeketa)
Ammon Tuebner (Chemeketa)
Jorge Pinon (Rogue)
Trenton Luebbert (Rogue)
Head Coach- Oscar Monteblanco (Chemeketa)

Photos by Craig Lash |  STSN

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