The Newport Cubs were down 20-11 at the end of the first quarter against the visiting Hidden Valley Mustangs.  The Cubs fought back and picked up the 59-51 win.

It’s only the beginning of the season so critiquing either team is almost a moot point.

There is one area that both teams need to work on and that is fundamentals.  Truthfully, these skills I have seen missing in not only high school basketball but also professional basketball as well.

Passing, dribbling, shooting skills seem to be lacking in most players.  They are essential and I cringe every time I see a team struggling with basic basketball skills.  Skills that should have been developed by the time they are at the varsity level.  They are also skills that should be worked on every day at practice.

Overall the Cubs and Mustangs are average teams right now.  I appreciated the aggressiveness both teams had and how neither gave up.

End of the first quarter the Mustangs were up 20-11.

End of first half Mustangs held a small lead over the Cubs 29-26

End of the third quarter Newport had tied the game at 38.

Photos by Craig Lash | STSN

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