September 14, 2018 Newport, OR – I entered the Newport Cubs Stadium and could feel the confidence.  It hung in the air like fog.  Wait, maybe it was fog.  The Cubs had reason to feel confident.  They are a tough team with size and speed and they have defeated the visiting Siuslaw Vikings several years in a row including last year’s 49-0 road win.

There really isn’t much to say about this game.  The Cubs dominated the entire game and picked up their third straight win this year over the Vikings, 60-16.

The one area that Newport needs to improve is their passing game.  It isn’t as refined as it needs to be.

Next up for the Cubs is an away game against Philomath/Alsea.  This will be their first league game.  Game time is 7pm.  This should be another easy victory.

Siuslaw next faces Harrsiburg on the road.  This will be another tough matchup for the Vikings.  They have potential to have a winning season but they are going to have to work hard and not lose focus.


Photos by Craig Lash | STSN

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