I always enjoy the adults who attend sporting events.  Well, not always, some can be downright stupid and annoying but, in general, I do find most of them entertaining, especially when they vocally share their vast expertise of the game by yelling their thoughts at the coaches.  These adults always know exactly what play the coach should have called and what play the coach should call next.  This goes for both the defensive and offensive side of the game.

I was recently in attendance at a football game and noticed, what I am guessing to be a male parental unit, slowly making his way out of the stands and onto the grassy area near the sidelines.  He kept his distance.  However, he spent a good portion of the night yelling, “it’s coming this way.”  Now, “it” refers to the play.  He seemed upset when the coaches didn’t listen to him.  Next, he began to sneak downfield into an area that coaches and players are not allowed.  Before every play he was still yelling, “it’s coming this way”.  And you know, he was finally right, it did come this way.  Then again, the odds were in his favor that sometime during the game the play would come this way.  This parent was so proud that he was right; so proud in fact that he glared at the coaches, behind their backs.

There are parents such as this at most games.  Actually, they are mostly found at the more popular games such as football, basketball, and baseball.  That’s probably because these are American staples and therefore the rules are better known.

Of course parent’s knowledge of the rules is a topic for another time.

~Craig Lash ~