Sept. 15, 2016 Salem, OR – The Blanchet Cavaliers (3-0, 3-2) are one of the better teams I have seen this year.  Their ball control is one of the elements of soccer that will take them far this year.  Their spacing on the field allows them to set up their runs at the goal and it also allows them to quickly transition from offense to defense.  These are a few of the reasons they picked up the home win against the Salem Academy Crusaders (1-3, 1-5).

As I have mentioned before, most times the more aggressive/physical team wins the game.  This was proven once again as the Cavaliers never stopped fighting for the ball.  The Crusaders had a couple good runs but their overall play was not on the same level as Blanchet.

Currently, the Cavaliers are sharing the number one spot in 3A/2A/1A-SD3 Special District 3 with the Dayton Pirates (3-0, 3-2).  Salem Academy is in the sixth position just ahead of Gervais (0-4, 0-4).

Photos by Craig Lash |  STSN

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