July 15, 2016 Salem, OR – Recently something from my kid’s childhood made its way into my life again.  That’s right Pokemon is back and this time it’s being taken to a whole new level as Pokemon Go.  Is this resurgence a good or bad thing?  Well, that’s not for me to debate here and it’s not for me to be the one to explain what Pokemon entails.  And even though Pokemon Go could be considered a form of competition, it does not quite fit in with our definition of sports.

This roughly segues into the fact that this weekend, July 16-17, there will be plenty of competition taking place at Wallace Marine Park located in Salem, OR as the ASA Men’s Open West Fast Pitch National Tournament will be taking place.  I have attended a few of these tournaments and they are full of action, great play, and of course fun.

So, once you have had your fill of searching for the elusive Pikachu, take a break and head on over to Wallace Marine Park.  You will not be disappointed.

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~Craig Lash~