Small Town Sports Network (STSN) Started as a cable sports and outdoor show in Arizona with an estimated audience of 18,000.  Then, it was decided that STSN needed to reach a wider audience.  18,000 was not big enough.  So, STSN went global and is now exclusively online.  

STSN has had photojournalist in four states:  Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wisconsin, and Arizona.  Due to COVID that number has been reduce to only Oregon.  We hope to add more states when thins open back up.

STSN’s main focus is small high school and community college sports.  We realized that smaller schools are often left out of normal media coverage.  STSN also covers national sporting events such as ASA and USSSA tournaments including the ASA Men’s Open West Nationals and the ASA Girls’ Western Nationals.

The corporate office is located in Toledo, OR