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Since you have landed on this page, you must have been referred by SP101 and are interested in gaining media credentials for sporting events. Well, we can help.

What you will get is a press pass from a legitimate sports news site. You will also get the backing of STSN, if you run into problems gaining access to events.

Currently we have photo/journalist in Oregon, Idaho, Wisconsin, Utah, and Arizona. Mike “Sharky” James of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast was once one of our photo/journalist.

However, there are also some requirements,listed below, that will need to be met in order for you to get and keep your press pass.

If you want to proceed, read the basic requirements below and then give us your information and click submit and we will get back to you.

Thanks for your interest.


Basic Requirements

Media Credentials

We will provide you with an STSN press pass with your name and photo on it. In cases where required, we will do our best to get you a press pass that is event specific. For instance if you are shooting high school sports and a state association pass is needed, we will get you one.

Submit a minimum of 30 photos

30 photos sounds like a lot but, most likely from the 30 submitted, only a couple will meet our expectations. One edited photo is needed to be sent to STSN within an hour of the finish of the event. The remaining photos must be submitted withing two days.

Photo Requirements

Photos must be in focus, good composition, not over or underexposed, proper white balance, engaging, etc. If these basic needs are not met, photos will be rejected. You are responsible for editing your own photos. Please be open to critiques. We have been doing this for many years and know what types of photos fans and athletes like to see and purchase.

Photo use and sales

The photos that are posted on STSN can only be sold through and used by STSN. The photos may not be submitted to other media outlets. However, if there are any photo sales, you will receive a commission. You may also utilize the photos for your portfolio. Photos that are not submitted to STSN are yours to do with what you want.

What events to cover

You can shoot any events you want. If you are shooting school sports, please shoot more than one sport. You can shoot rodeos, motor sports, extreme sports, etc.

Event summary and results

For instance, if you are covering a high school event like football or volleyball, we will need the schools involved and the scores along with a short summary. If you are covering an event like a 10K, submit the results.

If you are covering an event such as a 10k, we will only need the results. But, if you want to include a summary, feel free to submit one.

Also, if you are a writer and want to submit more than a summary, please do so.